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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of questions that we have been asked over the years by our many satisfied customers.  If you have a query that is not addressed on this page please do not hesitate to contact the SnoMaster Australia team at

Telephone: +61 (0)7 5302 6954, Customer Service Hours 9:00am-5pm daily AEST



  • Need to use a “pure sign wave” inverter to run a compressor driven product
  • Minimum 1000W “pure sign wave” inverter needs to be used because of the start-up current
  • 1000w “pure sign” inverter will draw around 9Amps per hour
  • This can cause overheating of inverter over extended usage
  • If a “modified sign” wave inverter is used, this will damage the compressor due to the pulsating frequency
  • Must use an AVR generator (Automatic Voltage Regulator). This maintains the voltage draw and does not give a fluctuation when more power is requires.
  • A minimum 1000W generator will be require
Do the SnoMaster fridges have an automatic low voltage cut-out to protect the battery system?
  • Yes, all of the SnoMaster fridges have a low voltage cut out that can be set at either 10V, 10.7V or 11.8V.  Please note that once the low voltage cut out has been triggered, the compressor will not restart again until the voltage on the connected battery reaches above 12.6V
What type of cables are supplied by Snomaster?
  • 1 x 12volt cable
  • 1 x 240volt cable.
 Do the fridges run on 110 Volt?
  • Yes the voltage range is from 100 to 240 Volt
Can I connect 12 Volt and 240 Volt at the same time?
  • Yes you can connect 12 and 240 volt at the same time, it will run only on 240 volt and automatically change over to DC when AC fails.
Why do we manufacture a fridge with a 70mm insulation?
  • The 70mm insulation allows for more efficient cool down period and allows unit to maintain lower temperature for longer periods in a higher ambient environment. New models will be all 70mm polyurethane insulated….that’s a good thing
Is there a Reverse Polarity Protection for DC?
  • Yes, the temperature controller and the compressor controller have built in reverse polarity protection
  • Temperature Indicator will not illuminate and compressor will not start
When will the Lid Open Alarm start? Do the unit have a internal light?
  • When the lid is left open for more than 90 seconds. Internal LED Light Low power draw LED light with magnetic switch turns off when lid is closed
Is there a High Temperature Alarm in case the fridge is not able to maintain the selected temperature?
  • No High Temperature Alarm at present , the compressor has built in overheat protection , Cut off at 90 Degrees C and cut in at 75 Degrees C , the compressor will run at low speed approx. 2400RPM when the compressor temperature reaches 75 Degrees C
Is the Transit Bag just for protection or for insulation too?
  • All SnoMaster fridges are supplied with a padded transit bag which is mainly for protection as the fridges are designed to have the correct insulation.
What type of Compressor do the SnoMaster fridges use?
  • We make use of our own design 66 Watt Snomaster that is covered with a 5 year warranty.  The Snomaster Compressor is made of the highest quality and with the smart electronic control system it enables rapid cool down to target temperature.
Is Snomaster using R134a refrigerant?
  • Yes ,
What is the ambient temperature range for safe operation?
  • Zero to 55 Degrees C
What is the minimum temperature range for storage and operation? In winter time the temperature can go down to – 20° in my area. Would that be a problem?
  • The compressor will not run if the ambient temperature is below the preset temperature, the electronic components could freeze at minus 20 degrees C, will do some tests and advise
What is the cooling capacity of the SnoMaster compressor?
  • 66 Watts at 3500 RPM (5.5 Amps on 12 Volt ), 35 Watts at 2400 RPM (2.5 Amps on 12 Volt )
Will the power consumption be different between the Snomaster models?
  • Power consumption differs from models and sizes:
    • In the following range: BD/C 40, BD/C-60, BD/C82, BD/C 95 it will run on average between 1.6 and 4.5APH in ideal ambient conditions.
    • The new BD/C82D will run between 3-5 APH in ideal ambient conditions.
  • In ideal ambient conditions these fridges will run at 20% of an hour which will bring the overall power consumption down.
What are the maximum amps during operation?
  • 5.5 Amps at 32 Degrees C or warmer Ambient  Temp on 12 Volt
What are the maximum amps during start up?
  • 3.5 Amps at 32 Degrees C Ambient Temp on 12 Volt, compressor always starts on low speed for approx. 1 minute then runs at the pre-set speed
At how many different speed levels does the SnoMaster compressor operate?
  • Low 2.5 Amps @ 2400RPM,
  • Auto 4,5 Amps @ 2400 – 3500RPM
  • High 5.5 Amps @ 3500RPM
When should the user switch to High, Auto or Low Speed?
  • High Speed:  when the ambient temperature is high or running off AC Power, faster cooling time, DC Battery Supply is normal
  • Auto Speed: when the ambient temperature is normal, DC Battery supply is normal or running off AC Power
  • Low Speed: when DC Battery supply is limited, or set temperature is around 5 degrees C (Unit set as refrigerator) or to maintain set temperature and limit battery usage
Is there a difference in cooling capacity, compressor speed, cooling strategy, run time, between 12 Volt, 24 Volt and 230 Volt?
  • No Difference
What is the acoustic noise of the Snomaster fridges?
  • 47.3 DB without the transit bag.
What is the Climate rating for the SnoMaster fridges?
  • T – Tropical
Can both bins go down to -22 in a dual unit?
  • Yes they can
Is there a different remote control for boxes with only one compartment?
  • No, one remote for single and double compartment units. Remote can be charged with USB or Solar. The unit works with Bluetooth.
Do the fridges show any diagnostic code in case of problems?
  • Temperature Display OC: Temperature Sensor disconnected or connection is loose, reconnect or tighten connections
  • Temperature Display: SC: Temperature Sensor Damaged, replace temperature sensor
  • Temperature Display: -28 / LL: Temperature Controller Damaged, Valve jammed opened,
  • Temperature display – HH


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