Heavy Duty L Bracket – Long

$120.00 rrp

The Bush Company Awnings are supplied with sufficient brackets for fitment (2 with the 180 XT MAX and 270 XT, and 3 with the 270 XT MAX).  You may want to have additional brackets depending on the fitment and the use of the vehicle/awning, these are sold in pairs.

For any awning it is important that the bracket can support the weight of the awning in off-road conditions and when in use, especially the larger 270 degree awnings..  The  Heavy Duty L Bracket Long has been designed to suit The Bush Company awnings when fitted to load bars or a roof rack.  The bottom arm which attaches to the load bar or roof-rack is 310mm long and 81mm wide with a range of holes and slot options for attachment, this longer arm is ideal for fitment to roof racks with wider slats where the attachment points are further apart such as a Rhino Pioneer Platform Rack.  The side arm of the  Heavy Duty L Bracket where the awning is attached is 210mm long and 90mm,  the laser cut slots will suit most brands of awning.

The bracket is made from stainless steel and has been CNC laser cut and folded and finished in a durable powder coat finish.  The brackets have  heavy duty gussets in the corner to withstand the rigours of off-road travel.  The brackets are supplied with a complete set of stainless steel pan head and hex bolts and nyloc nuts for assembly.



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