Elastic Cam Strap

$46.50 rrp

Sold as a pair, the Elastic Cam Strap from The Bush Company is ideal for securing down items on a roof rack, in a trailer/caravan or even a motorbike.  At full extension the strap is 1.7m long and at its shortest the strap is 90cm.  The elasticated properties of the strap are achieved by sheathing the webbing strap with a durable nylon sheath, this makes the strap ideal for strapping down items such as kayaks and tents that may have rigid items in them that require e degree of flexibility when strapped down.  The elastic feature of the strap also makes it easier to clips and unclip the carabiner on each end without necessarily adjusting the cam.  The cam buckle itself is lever operated for a very strong grip. The strap is adjustable along its length by opening the cam buckle, moving the strap through the buckle and closing it again.

  • Galvanized Cam Buckle
  • Nylon Webbing strap 25mm wide
  • Elasticated sheath
  • Maximum length 1.7m
  • Minimum Length 90cm


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