Toyota Hilux Rhino Cab Extreme Alu Canopy

The Bush Company is proud to bring the Rhino Cab Extreme Alu Canopy for the Toyota Hilux to Australia.  We have canopies for the  Hilux Revo SR J-Deck & SR5 A-Deck (2015 to Present) and the Hilux Vigo SR J-Deck & SR5 A-Deck (2004-2015) dual, extra and single cab variants of this iconic 4WD.  Please note all of the Extra and Single cab canopies are special orders from South Africa..

Standard Features & Warranty

The the standard features of a Rhino Cab Extreme Alu Canopy include:

  • Cab sliding window. and solid side doors.
  • Wide rear door with fixed toughened glass.
  • Positive pressure vent on front of canopy.
  • Aluminium roof rails built in for easy fitment of roof top tents, roof racks, solar panels etc.
  • High quality waterproof hinges and door seals.
  • 2 Large push locks per door.
  • 2 Gas struts per door.

The  Rhino Cab Extreme Alu canopies come with a conditional Lifetime Warranty (details here).

Colour Options

The standard colours available for the Rhino Cab Extreme Alu canopies are Black or White powder coat in rippled finish.  We also offer colour coded canopies as special orders in either a powder coat rippled finish or wet spray flat, pearl or metallic finish.  The special orders are made to order and therefore have a longer wait period.

Canopy Accessories

The options for the Rhino Cab Extreme Alu Canopies offered by The Bush Company include the sliding windows available for the the side doors, the custom shelving units that provide a great storage solution in the side doors, plus The Bush Company’s proprietary smart storage solutions in the form of the canopy storage organiser and canopy 6 piece bush cooking dining set.

Why Rhino Cab Extreme Aluminium Canopies?

Rhino Cab’s Extreme Alu canopies are made from 3mm High Grade Aluminium and have a unique design resulting in incredible strength and a very low weight of under 65 kg (standard double cab).  In a destruction test a Rhino Cab Extreme Alu Canopy withstood over 7.6 tonnes of weight on the roof (see full video here).

The canopies are manufactured using the latest in CNC machines and CAD technology. Crucial to the strength of the canopies is the quality and integrity of the welding, this is done in a zero tolerance jig in order to ensure no deforming takes place during welding. In standard form the canopy is then finished in a durable powder coat layer with standard options being White or Black. Colour coding options are available as special orders in powder coating, wet spray, metallic or pearl finishes.