270 XT Awning Mk2

$2,100.00 rrp

The 270 XT Awning Mk2 sets new benchmarks  for a free standing shade awning in terms of strength, wind resistance and durability.  With  +/-8m2 / 129ft2 of shade around there’s plenty of room to set up your camp kitchen, swags or just a shaded seating/chill out area.

When packed away the awning is 2.3m/7’6″) long, weighs only 27.8Kg / 61lb 4.6oz and can set up or packed away by one person in around 30 seconds.

The awning is available in either a Left Hand Side (passenger side in Australia)  or Right Hand Side (driver’s side in Australia) configuration, please select which version you require from the drop down menu.

The 270 XT Awning Mk2 is supplied with 2 Heavy Duty Adjustable L Brackets. One fitment bracket must be attached to the stainless steel head stock at the hinged end of the awning. The second bracket must be mounted no less than 1.3m /4′ 3″ from the bracket at the hinged end.

To mount the awning to one of our rooftop tents you will need an Awning To Tent bracket which are sold separately.

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The 270 XT Awning Mk2 provides an incredible amount of shade (+/-8m2 / 129ft2) around your 4WD for you to set up your camp kitchen, swags or just a shaded seating/chill out area. As you can see from the video the awning is an easy set up by one person in about 30 seconds and the pack down is just as simple.  The 270 XT Awning Mk2 has a heavy duty stainless steel hinge at the rear  section of the frame and strong gusseted arms which means that no poles are required.

The Canvas

The canvas on the 270 XT Awning is a 315gsm / 11.3oz poly-cotton rip-stop canvas in The Bush Company's traditional olive green colour that is mould, mildew and water resistant.  Where the canvas is attached to the ends of the trussed awning arms there is additional triple reinforcement to eliminate chafing, while the front and rear arms slide into a triple stitched canvas sleeve.

The Frame

The frame of the awning is made from an extruded aluminium alloy composite which has been specifically designed to provide the elasticity, strength and durability we require.  The bracket for the hinge ia constructed from stainless steel providing huge strength.  The trussed arms on the awning have been gusseted for additional strength, which enables the awning to be fully free standing without any poles in even strong wind conditions.

We do not supply poles for the awning as it does not need them, but we do supply guy ropes and pegs. The guy ropes attach to the 1 tonne webbing straps that are attached to the canvas at the ends of the arms and midway along each canvas section.

In conjunction with the natural rake of the awning, the guy ropes should be used to prevent pooling of water on the canvas and to guide water runoff in preferred places. We do not recommend leaving the awning up unattended during snowfall due to risk of canvas stretching due to excessive weight.

The Bag

The 270 XT Awning Mk2 bag is a heavy duty 450gsm tonneau fabric with YKK Zippers, that is UV and heat stabilised to resist deterioration from the sun and the elements. This fabric has the ability to endure extended flexing without cracking, and will provide many years of service.

Awning Accessories

Around the inside edge of the awning is a 50mm (2") thick triple stitched velcro strip which can be used to attach the optional 270 XT Awning Wall Kit to fully enclose the area beneath the awning, or if you only want a wind break or a little privacy then check out our high quality mesh or solid canvas universal single walls.

Using & Caring For Your Awning

Before Use:

We recommend that new awnings are thoroughly wet down before first use. This will ensure that your awning performs well in wet weather by allowing the poly/cotton corespun thread and canvas to swell ensuring the take up of any potential leaks in the stitching.

Deploying & Packing Away:

  • When unzipping the awning, make sure the zippers are right to the top of the bag at each end and that the bottom corners of the bag are not caught on the awning frame.
  • When deploying your awning if the canvas seems excessively tight, STOP and check that the canvas is not caught on the hinge mechanism and that it has not slid too far one way in the sail-track on the awning frame.
  • When packing the awning away, ensure that the canvas is not pinched between the awning arms especially close to the hinge mechanism.
  • When you roll up your awning canvas please make sure that it is as tight as possible and that Velcro straps are secure, this helps to minimise movement during travel.  Incorrectly packing away the awning could result in vibration and rubbing of the awning arms resulting in abrasion of the canvas.
  • It is advised, especially after prolonged trips, to periodically check the mounting bolts securing the brackets to your vehicle and the awning to the brackets, as well as the bolts securing the head stocks of the awning to the frame.

Cleaning Canvas & Bag:

  • Do not use soap or detergents on the canvas as this can result in colour leaching.
  • To clean use a soft brush and cold water.
  • Do not expose to petrol, oils or harsh chemicals.

Cleaning mould:

Your awning canvas is pre-treated with mould and mildew resistance, but if mould/mildew does occur please follow these steps:

  • Allow mould to dry.
  • Remove surface mould off with stiff bristle brush.
  • Vacuum the area.
  • Treat area with Oil of Clove spray (diluted spray can be purchased or can be mixed using a few drops of oil into a spray bottle of water).

Installing Your Bush Company Awning

A copy of the fitting instructions for The Bush Company awnings is available for download here

The Bush Company or one of our stockists can assemble install your awning, but if you choose to install the awning yourself please make sure that you have done the due-diligence on your intended install to ensure that it does not create any safety issues and ensure that you follow standard safety precautions when undertaking the install.

You may find it useful to watch the following videos:

Awning To Tent and Awning Bag Install

What If Your Vehicle Has A Spoiler On The Rear Door

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If you do not follow this procedure and it turns out that the item has been damaged in transit, then there is no way for us to claim on the freight insurance to cover any damage as you have signed to say that the product has been received in good condition.  Once you have signed for the delivery the courier company will interpret this as the item being delivered in good condition.  If you sign anything and are not satisfied you must ensure that this is noted by the driver in writing and obtain a copy that is signed by the driver.

4 reviews for 270 XT Awning Mk2

  1. Heath Ware (verified owner)

    Top notch quality, the workmanship is as you’d expect from Bush Company. Its definitely a premium price, but comparatively the best awning I’ve been around, took me a year to settle on this particular one.

    I understand the benefit of cutting and fitting the bag/cover yourself, but its quite a task, be prepared to take your time. I rushed the first cut and regretted it.

    I put it up and left it open in a breeze and realised it needed to be lowered as it was sitting quite high and there was a lot of flex, once lowered there’s minimum movement – just enough to prevent damage. I have it fitted to a Rhino platform and it was simple and fitted well between two slats – so its solid.

    Only a couple small gripes – a couple of spring washers were the wrong size so I had to buy a bag from the hardware no big deal but again big price tag I didn’t want to have to buy anything more. The other is to include a sticker or two, free advertising for you and people generally like to collect them.

    Definitely a 5 star product.

  2. Bill Brookes

    An extremely strong and well built awning. Just back from Bedourie where wind was constantly blowing 20 to 30km per hour. No need to tie down no flapping or noise. Provides a great shade area with total clearance from ropes or stays. Often out bush on bird surveys where quick and good shade cover is essential. Can not recommend this product enough.

  3. Bill Nielsen

    After researching a lot of 270 awnings on the market. The Bushcompany 270xt mk2 awning was an easy winner for me. Build quality and customer service are second to none. Highly Recommend+++++++++++

  4. Calvin Macardy (verified owner)

    10/10 service and product. I had high expectations for the 270xt awning and it has exceeded all of them 👌🏻

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