Recovery Bridle 14T 3m

$68.00 rrp


  • Width – 60mm
  • Length – 3m
  • Safety Factor 4:1
  • Min breaking strength – 14,000kg
  • Maximum Gross Vehicle Mass – 3.5T
  • Reinforced End Loops – Yes
  • Fully Sleeved webbing – Yes

The Bush Company Recovery Bridle 14T / 3m, also known as an equaliser strap, is 3m in length and has a rated breaking strain of 14,000Kg.  The recovery bridle is designed to connect between two recovery points on the front or rear of your vehicle and allows for relative movement on the winch wire, tow rope or snatch strap to deflect from side to side allowing the recovery vehicle and the vehicle being recovered independence of movement.

The Bush Company Recovery Bridle is specifically made for use as a bridle and has two layers of webbing sewn together with a high wear protection sleeve and reinforced end loops.

Like all of the recovery gear by The Bush Company, the recovery bridle is based on a 4:1 safety factor, so with a breaking strain of 14T the bridle can be safely used to recover a gross vehicle mass of 3.5T.

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