Tree Trunk Protector

$79.00 rrp


  • Width – 90mm
  • Length – 5m
  • Min breaking strength -10,000kg
  • Reinforced End Loops – Yes
  • Grip & Seam Protection Pad – Yes
  • In Sealed Dry Bag – Yes
  • Fully Sleeved webbing – Yes

The Bush Company Tree Trunk Protector, sometime referred to as a rigging strap, is 5m in length, has a rated breaking strain of 10,000Kg and is made of nylon webbing, specifically designed to be non-elastic to handle the high capacity of winch pulling. .  This strap is designed to rig your winch line to a solid object, such as, a tree. You’ll need a D-shackle or clevis attached to the looped ends of the strap together and attach your winch hook.

As the name suggests, the Tree Trunk Protector helps protect a tree you’d be using as an anchor from damage by the winch rope. Using wire rope directly on a tree trunk will damage the tree and possibly kill it.  However, tree trunk protectors aren’t just about tree preservation, they’re about safety. You NEVER, ever want to wrap a winch line around any anchor and hook the line back onto itself. This is a dangerous practice that can lead to rope failure, and that is obviously a very bad thing.

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