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SnoMaster 66W Compressor

There are a number of compressors in use throughout the portable refrigeration market; most ‘rebranded’ fridges use a SECOP BD35 compressor, Engel has a Sawafuji unit, and WAECO fridge utilises a WAECO-branded compressor.  SnoMaster was not satisfied with the performance of any of these compressors in terms of being able to quickly and efficiently cool large capacity fridges/freezers in climates with higher ambient temperature ranges.

All fridges in the SnoMaster range use SnoMaster’s own custom designed 66W compressor.  This is the largest capacity compressor in use in the portable refrigeration market today and incorporates design features that enable it to effectively handle high ambient temperatures and dual zone cooling requirements.  The compressor can run of 12V,110V,220V and 240V as required and comes with a 5 year warranty.

SnoMaster 66W Compressor with 5 Year Warranty

Compressor Speeds & Power Consumption

The SnoMaster compressor has three operating speeds; on High Speed (3,500 rpm) the compressor will rapidly draw down the temperature of a fridge cabinet to required operating temperature, while the Low Speed (2,400 rpm) option can be used once the fridge is as the desired temperature.  Of course there is an Auto option which allows the fridges intelligent management system to select the best operating speed for the conditions.  The compressor also has a Slow Start function which protects the compressor and electronic components from shock loads during start up.

Based on an ambient temperature of 32 degrees Celsius and operating on 12V, the compressor draws 5.5 amps when operating at High Speed and 2.5 Amps on Low Speed and typically 4.5 amp when on Auto.  All of the fridges in the SnoMaster range have a low voltage cut out option which can be set at 10V, 10.7V or 11.8V providing ultimate protection for your dual batteries.  Please note that once the Low Voltage cut out has been triggered, the compressor will not restart until the voltage in the connected battery reached above 12.6V.

Snomaster Insulation & Wall Thickness

Because all Snomaster Fridges are encased in high quality food grade stainless steel, the additional strength that this provides mean that the walls, lids and central dividers can be injected during manufacturing with a high density Polyurethane insulation which provides some of the highest thermal resistance properties per inch of all commercially available insulation products.

The thicknesses of the walls n the SnoMaster fridge range varies based on the series of the fridge.  The Traveller Series has 55mm thick insulation, the Classic Series has 60mm thick insulation and the Expedition Series fridges all have 70mm thick insulation.

SnoMaster 66W Compressor with 5 Year Warranty

Fridge Controls

All of the fridges in the SnoMaster range have a fully integrated digital display control panel from which all aspects of the fridges operation can be managed.  Conveniently, SnoMaster also supplies a handheld wireless remote control unit with all fridges which can also be used to monitor fridge performance and manage all of the fridges functions.  The remote control unit can be recharged via a USB cable and also has a handy solar panel on the back which can be used to recharge the controller.


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